The Department of Recreation oversees the health & wellness departments across UC Santa Barbara. This includes intramural programs, recreational classes, outdoor trips, youth camps, and more. Their presence is felt deeply on campus, as well as in the wider community, and most students have been involved in a Recreation program at some point during the course of their academic career.



The UCSB Rec Sports marketing team was charged with the task of redesigning the department brand. The goal was to conceptualize a new logo, tagline, and marketing materials that embody the heart and soul of the Department of Recreation.

My Role: Logo design, brand design



Our first assignment was to develop a tagline or phrase that expressed the department's primary goal of promoting overall wellness in the student body and local community. We decided on "Find Your Fit," a play on the idea that you can use their services to become physically healthier as well as find your niche at UCSB.

Payperless Mockup.png

Once we finalized the slogan, we moved onto the visuals. We had several goals in mind with this aspect of the project. We needed a logo that was simple enough to be integrated into sub-department marketing collateral without being too ostentatious or distracting (i.e., putting it in the corner of an Intramural Sports ad flyer), which lead us to use a basic shape that could stand on its own, but was flexible enough to render in color, black & white, and text variations. The triangle, in particular, is traditionally associated with balance and harmony. The three sides also links back to the Department's primary goal of enhancing mind, body, and spirit in order to create an overall feeling of wellness.

Since the Department of Recreation is part of the school, its core identity is largely connected to UCSB. Most departments under the UCSB umbrella use an iteration of the UC system colors (blue and gold) in their branding efforts. One of the unique parts of UCSB is its proximity to the ocean (which lets us offer programs like Scuba diving certifications), and so while we kept to this tradition, we also added our own touch by replacing the conventional navy blue with ocean-inspired tones