Hey there! I’m Anna, a graduate from UC Santa Barbara, where I studied communication and art. I’m a self-taught designer, artist, and photographer who began meddling with Adobe Photoshop and DSLR cameras by the age of twelve. I got started in self-promotion and entrepreneurship around the same time–my middle school hobbies often involved designing and coding MySpace layouts for my friends and selling Sharpie tattoos and handcrafted jewelry to the rest of my peers. I knew I wanted to straddle the worlds of design and business early on, and I’ve never looked back. 

I spend most of my free time browsing Pinterest, drinking coffee, exploring new places, brainstorming design concepts, surfing travel blogs, testing new recipes, marveling at street art, making Harry Potter references, lifting at the gym, watching Studio Ghibli productions, and reading up on self-improvement trends.

As of June 2017, I traded in my position as Visual & UI Designer at Tobi for a year of traveling the world (you can keep up with the journey over at thetravelsketch.com). I’m always up for new projects, and tend to have several going on on the side at any given moment. If you’re interested in working together or want to learn more, take a gander here.


A (filtered) peek into the everyday life of a tech nerd.